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Community Investments.

Our mission is to represent the passions and interests of our employees, support non-profit organizations that work with individuals and families in the areas of our regional cities most in need while being authentic stakeholders in the communities where we work and live.

Supporting the Community.

Our Loomis Sayles employees globally give their time and talent to support and grow partnerships within our community organizations. We focus our resources, capabilities and business expertise on areas of fundamental impact that enrich our communities in which we live and work and represent our employees’ passions.

Funding Community Partners.

Each year, Loomis Sayles sets aside a generous portion of its pre-tax income to fund community partners working to improve the lives of individuals and their families in under-resourced communities. We support organizations that work with the most in need — and our focus is in the cities of Boston, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, London and Singapore — where our employees live and work.

Tackling Homelessness.

Watch as Loomis Sayles employees work together to tackle the issue of homelessness, as they help transition a local homeless family into permanent housing.

Community Partnership: Up & Out

Volunteer video

Taking Action.

Community Investments is an important part of Loomis Sayles’ culture. Through our volunteer programs and non-profit work, our employees listen, learn and collaborate closely with our communities to address specific needs while upholding the firms IDEALS.

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The Volunteer Time Off program awards each of our employees two-business days a year to volunteer at non-profit organizations of their choice. If your non-profit has a volunteer opportunity for Loomis Sayles employees, please contact us here.

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Matching Gift Program

The Matching Gift program matches up to $2,000 in employee donations to registered non-profit organizations.

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Pledge-A-Thon Gifts

The Pledge-A-Thon Gifts program that matches an additional $1,000 in donations raised by an employee: dance-a-thons, bike-a-thons, run-a-thons, swim-a-thons and walk-a-thons.

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The Dollars-For-Doers program provides up to $2,000 in donations to non-profit organizations where an employee is involved in a hands-on way.

Getting to know the complex communities within our regions, and the opportunities and needs that exist, has enabled our team to bring insight to our work in Community Investments and be active partners in the communities where we work and live.

Melissa Partridge Director of Community Investments
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