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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Loomis Sayles is committed to fostering an environment where all employees are represented, respected, valued and empowered to apply all of the dimensions of their identities to enrich Loomis Sayles as a whole.

Supporting the Pipeline.

We recognize that an inclusive culture that leverages diverse views is an important element to our success as an organization. We believe advancing early talent leads to more impactful and innovative solutions, and best positions us to deliver outperformance to our clients. Therefore, we continue to invest in recruiting, developing and retaining talent in many innovative ways.

Diverse Perspectives.

At Loomis Sayles, we have diverse voices but shared values. Each investment team stays true to its core philosophy, but encompasses a culture of deep curiosity and conviction. We believe this fosters an environment in which differences contribute to better outcomes for our clients and greater equity for our colleagues. These DE&I perspectives are aligned with and integrated into our mission, vision and values. We define these values as the Loomis Sayles IDEALS.

Our Commitment in Action.


We strive to advance employees from a broad range of backgrounds across all levels at our firm, maximizing performance and impact on behalf of our clients.


We believe in a workplace culture that collaborates, acknowledges, supports, and invests in its employees.


We work with and give back to our communities through targeted philanthropy, mentoring, volunteer events and other forms of engagement.


We track our investments to our vendors to identify opportunities for partnerships with minority and women-owned businesses.

Connecting Our People.

Our employee resource & affinity groups strive to promote a culture of diversity, connectivity and understanding, where all colleagues feel valued, respected and heard.

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Green Council

Mission: Reduce the firm’s environmental footprint utilizing a systematic approach that educates our workforce, and brings about behavioral changes for a more sustainable and healthier future.

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Mission: Promote a culture of diversity and inclusion. MOSAIC strives to develop and retain a community of talented and diverse employees at all levels of leadership through professional development, networking and engagement.

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Mission: Create fellowship among the LGBTQ+ employees at Loomis Sayles, help foster a workplace environment that encourages all employees to bring their whole selves to work, and increase allies’ understanding of the LGBTQ+ community’s history, achievements and issues faced locally and globally.

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Women @ Work

Mission: Foster an inclusive network to connect, develop and champion women within Loomis Sayles and the industry.

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Mission: Provide a platform to support and connect our Veterans, family members and military supporters by providing opportunities for community engagement, education and resource identification.

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Healthy Minds

Mission: Build a culture of mental health well-being and foster a workplace that promotes and supports the mental health of all employees, their families and their loved ones.

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Mission: Reduce barriers to professional advancement through an ongoing commitment to DE&I education and best practices to try to ensure that Loomis Sayles is an employer of choice that attracts, develops and retain the most talented individuals at all levels.

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Early Career Professionals

Mission: Foster and retain a diverse community of talent through networking, career development and engagement opportunities.

At Loomis Sayles, we leverage DE&I to ensure: fair access to our career and procurement opportunities, a level playing field for all employees to our training, development, key assignments and advancement, and to enhance creativity, innovation, market insights and alpha generating solutions.

Marques Benton Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer
Marques Benton

Investing In Our Community.

Our mission is to represent the passions and interests of our employees, support non-profit organizations that work with individuals and families in the areas of our regional cities most in need while being authentic stakeholders in the communities where we work and live.

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